CS promotes an environmentally friendly behavior, managing its activity by the principle of sustainable development, and adopting measures that encourage environmental awareness in its employees and its partners. The consumption of prime materials and energy, the reductions in dust and CO2 emissions and the waste management are always optimized, whether in the clay pits exploration, in the manufacture of roof tiles and fittings, or in the development of new products or new production units. Not less important is the fact that, once the exploration is completed, all clay pits are subject of rehabilitation.

This behaviour is essentially reflected in three areas:

  • forest and biodiversity;
  • energy efficiency and reduction of the environmental impact;
  • natural integration.

The eave corner Domus eliminates the need for custom cuts in the area between the slopes. It allows the immediate and simple placement, facilitating the work and allowing its fast resolution. Aesthetically, it gives a significant gain in the corner finishing. All pieces are equipped with pre-drilled holes to allow an effective mechanical fastening to the support structure, if necessary.


The Domus roof tile is the ideal solution when the specifications of the project suggest a traditional marseille tile model, being adequate to roof rehabilitation. This model is compatible with the increasingly affirmed D3+ roof tile model, a tile created to respond to the needs of a segment of consumers conditioned by the metrics of a pre-existing slat, and can’t find in the market new roof tiles with the same modulation. The slight aesthetic differences between the DOMUS and D3+ lines are perfectly diluted in the general observation of the roof. The ceramic tile CS can be integrated into the landscape while maintaining the historical value of the architectural heritage and, at the same time, ensure comfort, aesthetics, sustainability and energy saving.





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