Location: Uvita (Costa Rica)

Type of construction: nova

Implantation area: –

TCA: –

Architecture and Spatialities: ARCHWERK e FORMAFATAL

Hiden in the jungle high above Hermosa Beach near the Costa Rican town of Uvita is the Art Villas Resort, a luxurious and sustainably-minded glamping destination with spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean. Founded by Czech owner Filip Žák, the resort comprises three architecturally striking villas with differing designs. Prague-based architecture firms ARCHWERK and Formafatal completed the resort’s newest addition, the Coco Villa, a set of five egg-shaped houses.

Completed in June 2020, the Coco Villa is a cluster of five treehouse-inspired structures built primarily of local tropical wood along with light-colored tent canvas textiles and metal elements. ARCHWERK architects created the concept and architectural design of the nest-like pods, while Formafatal oversaw the interior design and exterior finishing of the structures, including the footbridges and stairs that connect the individual buildings.

The interiors of the Coco Villa pods echo the minimalist and playful approach of the exterior. Each cabin includes a raised bed carefully positioned to take advantage of breathtaking views of the outdoors. The cabins vary in size, with the largest housing a shared kitchen and dining area. In addition to the newly completed Coco Villa, the Art Villas Resort includes a concrete Art Villa designed by architecture firm Refuel; the tropical minimalist Atelier Villa by Formafatal studio; and the Wing, a tropical multifunctional pavilion that was designed by ARCHWERK studio.

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