The base material of BOAVISTA frames is silica (sand), an abundant resource with simple extraction that is “environmentally friendly”. This means that, since its origin, fiberglass has a reduced ecological footprint. If we add to this a production process – pultrusion – with low energy consumption and high durability, we obtain a product that, throughout its life cycle, produces a reduced environmental impact on our ecosystem. In addition to these data, we have the excellent performance of BOAVISTA frames systems with thermal transmission values starting at 0.74 W/m2 K, which contributes to a thermally efficient construction.


The BWDS35 double hung sash system is a versatile window in which both sheets have vertical sliding movement. Using a BWDS35 window allows you to gain useful space in the home and safely ventilate any room. Suitable for both reconstruction/rehabilitation of old buildings and modern architecture, this system has simple and elegant lines and, like all BOAVISTA systems, can be lacquered in any color. This window allows to reach 2m in height and 1,20m in width.


BWDS35 frames can be used in demanding applications, such as construction by the sea, in aggressive and polluted environments or in areas of extreme temperatures. They are highly resistant to corrosion and can be used in classic or modern architecture. They also have an innovative tipping system that allows opening both sheets to clean the outer glass.










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