Diathonite Deumix+

Diathonite Deumix+


Diathonite Deumix + is a light plaster formulated with natural macroporous raw materials which combines in the same product the properties of a dehumidifying plaster and an anti-salt plaster. The macroposity that characterises the product is capable of eliminating salts present in the substrate, allowing water to evaporate. Natural materials such as cork (gran. 0-3 mm), clay and natural hydraulic lime NHL 5 improve the thermal conductivity and breathability of the product. Diathonite Deumix+ contributes to healthier and more energy-efficient spaces.


  • Vapour permeability coefficient: µ = 4 (highly breathable)
  • Thermal conductivity: λ = 0,080 W/mK
  • Thermal resistance (R) per 1 cm of thickness: 0.125 m²K/W
  • Compressive strength: 5.1 N/mm².
  • Resistence to bending: 1.4 N/mm².
  • Water penetration level: 40 mm
  • Porosity of hardened mortar: 71.64%
  • Adhesion to support (brick): 0.258 N/mm²
  • Reaction to fire: Euroclasse A1.


Suitable for carrying out dehumidification interventions on retaining walls. The product is especially recommended for the rehabilitation of masonry affected by dampness. Diathonite Deumix+ is the perfect solution to solve pathologies related to the presence of mould caused by humidity.

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