Since in our country small population settlements predominate, some still without any waste water treatment system and others served by septic tanks that have proven to be not having the desired efficiency, there is a need to have effective treatment solutions of easy operation and maintenance. The ECOFLO® system consists of equipment to treat domestic wastewater, which does not require electricity, with the use and enhancement of a residue that is the coconut shell.


With more than 120,000 units sold and installed worldwide, this system consists of a septic tank followed by a compact filter of coconut shell fragments, supplied ready to install. ECOFLO® solutions adapt to all types of outdoor spaces, are compact, ecological, have low maintenance, great durability, have no energy consumption or treatment regulations. Due to its great performance, the “fragments of coconut shell” filter is the center of our technology (European patent attributed in 19-09-2003, number EP 1539325B1).


ECOFLO® solutions are intended for single family homes, small population centers, rural tourism complexes, etc. They are the ideal solution for projects that are located in sensitive areas or natural parks.



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