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Empresa: Knauf Insulation


Naturoll 032 and 035 are uncoated mineral wool rolls, with a very low thermal conductivity coefficient (0.032 and 0.035, respectively), thus achieving high thermal performance, and excellent results in short-term water absorption (≤ 1 Kg / m2, according to standard 1609). They are based on ECOSE® technology, free from formaldehydes and phenols, which helps to improve indoor air quality, have high thermal and acoustic performance, use more than 80% recycled glass in their composition, are soft to the touch and are certified with Eurofins Gold, the most restricted in indoor air quality.


It is possible to find Naturoll 032 and 035 with 400 or 600 mm wide. With excellent thermal results achieved only with insulation, it is an advantage when choosing the finish.


Excellent option for façade application due to low water absorption in the short term. It is suitable for thermal and acoustic insulation in wooden buildings and in highly energy efficient homes, with certificates from the Passivhaus Institute (efficient, comfortable, economically accessible and sustainable homes), both for new construction and for rehabilitation.



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