Filotipo is an engineering company which provides consultancy services in energy and water efficiency. Our mission is to optimize the consumption of primary energy and water, in new projects or requalifications. We understand that the rational use of these resources dictates our economic and environmental future. In each case, we make a diagnosis of the study target and propose the solutions we consider most effective which we justify, not only technically and economically, but also based on the program of each equipment. Our services:

  • Self-consumption project;
  • Audit & Rationalization of Water Consumption;
  • Monitoring;
  • Lighting Project;
  • Negotiation & Management of Energy Contracts;
  • Responsibility for Electrical Installations (TRE);
  • Maintenance.

Always pursuing the best performance of buildings, we believe in good collaboration with architects and other agents of the architecture project.



Rua Cândido dos Reis, nº 1806
4460 – 701 Custoias

☎️: +351229 540 082

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