GLOBALDIS presents the product of choice: the BauBuche GL75 (beech beams composed of Baubuche S lamellas glued in parallel). Baubuche beams are produced from raw materials from PEFC-certified sustainable forests. The wood in this product is beneficial for the environment, as its forest origins produce oxygen and store CO2. Its intense strength allows the product to create thin structures for heavy loads and great durability. Its sides have lamellas, while the top shows the smooth surface of the wood.

They are available in various dimensions: width – 50 mm to 280 mm | height – 120 mm to 600 mm (can go up to 1360 mm on request) | length – up to 18 m.

Highlighting their beauty, these beams are used for structural purposes, being suitable for application in all areas of modern construction and not only as load-bearing elements of buildings.


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