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Knauf Insulation offers a complete range of Mineral Wool products for thermal and acoustic insulation, with the highest sustainability standards. ECOSE® technology, a natural resin with easily renewable organic materials, is used throughout the range and gives it high yields. In terms of application, they are products that are softer to the touch, odorless and easier to cut and handle. They also have the Eurofins Gold certificate and the A+ seal, the most restrictive in terms of indoor air quality.

Knauf Insulation’s mineral wools are available in rolls and panels, with or without kraft paper coating, kraft-aluminum complex or reinforced glass veil, in the most functional sizes and thicknesses.

Knauf Insulation’s main mission is not just to manufacture insulation, but also to drive energy savings in the most sustainable way possible. This sustainability involves the entire production process, with the reduction of energy consumption in factories and, consequently, GHG (Greenhouse Gas) emissions, while promoting the energy efficiency of buildings by using the best standards in their products. of sustainability.



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