In accordance with its policy of protecting natural resources and environmental defense, Sanindusa develops campaigns to raise awareness, promote and encourage ecological behavior, investing in innovation and development of “environmentally friendly” production processes and in the design of products that reduce consumption to a minimum, allowing for less waste and greater savings, especially water resources.

Water scarcity is beginning to become a concern for all of humanity. Small gestures from each of us will make all the difference. The use of available water resources, in a rational and balanced way, through the use of equipment and products with sustainable technology, allows significant reductions in the volumes of water used in the pursuit of the objectives of a better life.

For example, the mechanism of the Winner collection revolutionizes water efficiency, which is reflected in the 3/4.5L dual flush system (pre-adjusted at the factory) equally allowing regulation for efficient flushes in volumes 2-4L and 3-6L. It complies with the most demanding standards in terms of sustainability, boasting an A++ rating, awarded by ANQIP. It allows water savings, depending on the user’s choice and the circumstances of use, which can reach 50% of normal consumption, without this equipment.



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