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CARIOCA flooring is produced from a combination of black agglomerated cork, made from a by-product of the manufacture of expanded cork insulation panels, and a decorative natural cork sheet. Cork production is a responsible practice, without any trees being cut down, with minimal impact on the environment, conserving biodiversity and the integrity of ecosystems. CARIOCA uses more than 90% raw cork, and the fusion of modern graphic design with a natural material results in an innovative and more sustainable alternative for surface coverings. Natural, renewable, recyclable, biodegradable, PVC-free, lightweight, durable and stunningly beautiful, CARIOCA is a good example of cork’s potential in sustainable architecture.


With two board formats (900x300x5.5 mm and 900x150x5.5 mm), CARIOCA is a range of cork coverings infused with bold colors that may or may not be combined to form a surprisingly different wall. Available in 15 monochrome options and 4 predefined multicolored designs, the flooring uses cork’s inherent sound absorption and thermal regulation benefits to improve acoustics and energy performance. The Aquadur® matt, water-based finish protects the surface and makes maintenance easy, ensuring that, despite being lightweight, CARIOCA has the performance needed for today’s interiors.


Designed by Italian designer Marco Carini, CARIOCA is an impressive cork wall covering concept that combines a modern graphic touch with the timeless aesthetics of cork. The clever use of color and strong graphic lines in the unique texture of cork makes it possible to create contemporary walls with a powerful aesthetic that is hard to ignore.

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