Categoria: Interior wall coverings


Empresa: Granorte


Made entirely from post-industrial recycled cork from the manufacture of natural corks and produced in an environmentally responsible way, GROOVY is another truly sustainable wall covering with an extremely low environmental impact and no substances hazardous to health or the environment. GROOVY explores the textural and visual language of cork, bringing an elegant vintage touch to contemporary spaces of sustainable architecture.


GROOVY’s seemingly simple design integrates traditional industrial techniques with CNC machining systems and digital printing, resulting in a perfect symbiosis between the traditional character of cork and digital technology. Building a hexagonal motif into the wall, GROOVY’s retro look is combined with the natural aesthetics of cork for a totally unique look. Treated with Granorte’s Corkguard® water-based finish for stain protection and easy cleaning, GROOVY is suitable for both residential and commercial interior projects. In 600x300x6 mm tile format, the cork flooring contributes to better acoustic and thermal comfort and is simple to install and maintain.


Created by designer Marco Carini, GROOVY is available in tiles that can be glued directly to the wall, in natural or black cork, and seven colors in hexagonal slots. Its graphic and textural language evokes a certain elegant vintage feel, making it possible to create interior walls, in residential or commercial spaces, with a strong and unique aesthetic.

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