Categoria: Interior wall coverings


Empresa: Granorte


Cork production is a responsible practice, in which cork is harvested from the cork oak every 9 years without any trees being cut down, with minimal impact on the environment, conserving biodiversity and the integrity of ecosystems. Each MODULAR tile is made with recycled cork, from by-products and waste from the wine cork industry, and maintains the acoustic and thermal benefits of this extraordinary material. Cork is a renewable, recyclable natural material and a benchmark in terms of ecology and environmental sustainability, and the fusion of modern design with a natural material results in an innovative and more sustainable alternative for covering interior surfaces.


MODULAR is an architectural proposal for interior wall decoration, with an orthogonal 3D effect inspired by the modular compositions of the architect Le Corbusier. With CNC-milled linear grooves in three geometric designs, MODULAR tiles create an aesthetic that balances natural elements with contemporary design. Available in 580x580x7 mm format, with four colors selected from Granorte’s color palette and with a protective finish that guarantees resistance to use and ease of cleaning, MODULAR is ideal for interior wall finishes, helping spaces to become more comfortable and quiet.


Designed by Carlos Mendonça, MODULAR allows the tiles to be installed in random combinations and arrangements, exploring the modular forms typified by the works of Le Corbusier. Cork is a versatile natural material that has great properties for projects aimed at creating a healthy and comfortable space for its occupants. MODULAR is one such product, distinctly contemporary, which embraces the natural aesthetic of cork in a fresh and surprising way.

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