Categoria: Insulation, Interior wall coverings


Empresa: Rockwool


Each panel is made of compressed mineral wool derived from basalt, a volcanic rock, one of the most abundant raw materials on the planet, and is combined with a small amount of organic binder. The result is a unique panel that combines the strength and durability of stone with the malleability of wood.

What’s more, rock wool is recyclable and durable and can easily be removed when a building is renovated or demolished, being recycled to make new products. In fact, rock wool can be recycled repeatedly into new rock wool. ROCKWOOL products thus enable us to comply with the circular economy in the construction sector.


Semi-rigid uncoated volcanic rock wool panel, turned into a longitudinal slit shape that facilitates the placement and fitting of the insulation to the structural vertical pillar, auxiliary to the cladding.


Panel application with high thermal and acoustic performance for insulation within the facades. The 40 mm of insulation fits into the 48 mm vertical pillars of the auxiliary structure of the cladding. Perfect fitting and finish of the installed product. Simplicity and speed of installation.

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