Sustainable Construction

“… Because sustainability in the construction sector is not a fad, but a necessity…”

arq. Aline Guerreiro – CEO | PCS

We are consultants to construction materials companies, in order to help companies to invest in constant innovation and credible information about the products and services they provide in the context of greater sustainability. In a first phase, the PCS, selects the companies and their products, which can be represented in our portal, respecting the 3 basic principles that characterize us:

  • be non-polluting products that are harmless to human health;
  • Do not come from oil (where it is not justified and there are alternatives);
  • Contribute to sustainable development.

The PCS then prepares companies to certify their products with Sustainable Value® – ISO 14024, increasing their value and distinguishing them according to an international standard for sustainability.

We also work with municipalities and architecture studios, assisting them in the best practices of sustainable construction, so that designers can consciously opt for energy-efficient and sustainable constructive solutions and so that they can specify materials and ecological equipment, prescribing them in their specifications.


“… Because architecture is the discipline where the relationship between man and nature must reach its maximum expression…”

arq. Aline Guerreiro – CEO | PCS

Because we spend about 90% of our lifespan inside buildings, the sustainability of the construction sector is increasingly needed. The PCS has an Architecture office, the ecotectura, which thinks about buildings in a healthier and more sustainable way.

Our architectural projects respond to the need of the construction sector to develop in a more sustainable sense. They seek to create a healthy built environment, minimizing its negative environmental impact, namely through a strong commitment to the rationalization of resource consumption.

The buildings designed by our studio always obtain the classification of A or A+ (very efficient) by the Energy Certification System of the Buildings. The building materials used by us have their environmental impact reduced.

Certified training

“… Because in the act of building, building badly or building well, it has the same cost. But throughout the life cycle of the building, a construction without knowledge, has irreparable costs…”

arq. Aline Guerreiro – CEO | PCS

Investing in professional training is essential for professionals in the construction sector. Not only to obtain more knowledge, but also as a way to update knowledge already acquired through previous training or by their own experience.

Portugal is one of the EU countries with the lowest qualification rate, especially in this sector. This number has a socio-economic impact. It is no longer possible to opt for more economical materials and solutions in construction, which throughout the life of the building, make it an unsustainable building.

Building to obtain healthy and sustainable buildings is the motto for our training actions. We are experienced and certified by DGERT.

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