System BWD 60

System BWD 60


The BWD60 – door system, like the other BOAVISTA series, is made of pultruded fiberglass profiles. This composite material is characterized by its low ecological footprint: using reduced energy in its pultrusion process (heating to just 80ºC), it uses recycled glass in its composition. It also has a high performance, ensuring that buildings are thermally more efficient.


The BWD60 system is the BOAVISTA Windows door system. Can be used with or without a sill profile. It can also contain glass or opaque fiberglass panel. Due to its design, it integrates perfectly with the other frames.


The BWD60 door system can be used alone or in conjunction with the BWTT60 system, for compound spans. It can be used with double glass or opaque fiberglass panel, having a wide range of handles available. In terms of finish, it can be painted any color in the RAL range.



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