Topcola Therm T1

Topcola Therm T1


Topcola Therm T1 is a glue mortar formulated from natural raw materials, free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Its main components are locally sourced, contributing to a lower carbon footprint. It is a component of an external thermal insulation system that promotes greater durability of the remaining construction elements by increasing insulation, minimizing energy consumption of buildings and mitigating pathologies in the elements.


Average thickness: 2.5mm.
Drying time: 24 hours minimum.

Waiting time between layers: 1 hour (minimum).

Waiting time for final coating:

  • Paint or organic coatings: 12 days;
  • Ceramic: 7 days

Adhesion on concrete: >1N/mm2


Bonding and regularization of thermal insulation boards such as rock wool, natural insulation materials or cork agglomerate boards, on the defined supports. Ideal for bonding insulation materials on supports to be rehabilitated (renovation of facades) in painting and ceramics, with the obligation of complementary mechanical fixation (use of bushings). Repair and protection of facades degraded by thermal shocks. Applies indoors and outdoors.

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