TOPECA | Mortars with an evergreen green

TOPECA | Mortars with an evergreen green

Topeca is a 100% Portuguese company with its origins in the innovation and development of mortars for the civil construction market. It has been focusing on the distribution of the most diverse materials and systems for this market. The concern with sustainability has been a reality experienced and felt for many years. An organization focused on the consistent use of natural resources, recognizing the real impact that this sector has on the planet. We are currently living in a time of greater awareness with regards to this paradigm, which is still very challenging. Daily, we implement actions and improvements aimed at following this path::

  • The digitization of our productive and commercial processes;
  • The replacement of natural resources with ecological resources, incorporation of RCD, products with lower carbon footprints, eco products or biodegradable products and products with less toxicity;
  • Optimization of production processes in order to minimize consumption of energy and water resources;
  • Favor local suppliers and resources/li>
  • We value and recycle all intermediate products or waste;
  • We are concerned with developing actions aiming to create great working conditions for employees.

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