Urbanscape is the complete solution for green roofs by Knauf Insulation. This system allows the reduction of the greenhouse effect, since it reduces the heat gain and can be 40º cooler than the traditional non-vegetated roofs. It retains and purifies rainwater and contributes to the purification of the air with the reduction of CO2 emissions (1 m² of green roof can absorb 5 kg of CO2 per year). It is a natural habitat of some species, which helps to restore the ecological cycle altered by the urban infrastructure. It also helps to reduce energy consumption by enhancing thermal stability, as well as reducing noise pollution.


Urbanscape is a complete system, which consists of a root membrane, a drainage system with or without buffer, a growing media – a unique patented rock mineral wool  – and a vegetation layer. The irrigation system is provided depending on the local climate conditions.


Urbanscape is an innovative, lightweight and easy to install system and its application eliminates the need to reinforce the building structure, which makes it ideal for both new construction and rehabilitation.

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