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Empresa: KNAUF


For projects with high acoustic requirements. The Knauf Premium high-density board has a greater sound insulation. Composed of a special plaster core with greater density and coated on both sides with a cellulose sheet. It has great flexibility that gives it exceptional sound insulation. High performance in the low frequency range.


The perfect solution for a unique acoustic insulation and with a great performance against low frequencies. A unique solution on the market that isolates noise from the frequency at which the human audible range starts (20 Hz) thanks to a higher density and a special composition. Highly versatile, its properties are extraordinary and demonstrate superiority compared to existing systems on the market.


Knauf Silentboard is ideal for buildings with high acoustic insulation and fire protection requirements such as hospitals, schools, cultural spaces (such as theatres), artistic creation spaces (music rooms), hotels and residential buildings. Application is universal:

  • New construction / buildings
  • Renovations
  • Walls
  • Ceilings
  • Coatings

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