Constructive solutions

To achieve the reduction or elimination of pathological problems, special care must be taken in the various stages of the construction process. It is no coincidence that it is said that an uncorrected error in the project always multiplies by five with regard to the corrections made later. That is, an uncorrected error in the project can be five times more expensive being corrected on site, and twenty-five times more expensive if it is corrected only after the completion of the work!

Therefore, the exact location of materials and products for construction, always opting for products recommended by the PCS, are an added value in the path of sustainability.

NOTE: The recommended solutions should be considered as standard solutions that can/should be adapted to each case. We emphasize that the detail design must be specific to each situation.  

“The occurrence of pathologies in buildings is, unfortunately, a constant. This is due not only to the unskilled workforce, but also to the lack of planning and inadequate execution projects, which requires a wrong conduct of the construction work, often repeating cycles that cause losses of the elements and associated pathologies, such as humidity and cracks that, in turn, imply adjacent environmental impacts, as unnecessary consumption of energy and natural resources. But also the quality of the materials used contributes to the appearance of pathologies. Materials not certified or properly recognized may bring manufacturing defects or lack of warranty, affecting the final product. Its improper use, combined with the lack of care in the execution and the subsequent lack of maintenance, can generate extra expenses for users. In many cases, buildings less than five years old already require repair work that could be completely avoided. As an example, the lack of insulation in the correction of thermal bridges or execution failures associated with the application of the same imply early problems, such as humidity and condensation.

According to the PCS, there are several factors that interfere in the final quality of the civil construction product, and it should be noted:

  • In planning – the definition of all the desired steps and performances;
  • In the project – the drawings, especially the details of the constructive solutions adopted, specifying and describing all the materials to be used;
  • In materials – quality and compliance with specifications;
  • In execution – quality and compliance with specifications;
  • In use – the type of use intended for the built environment combined with the building’s user manual.”



Tubular daylighting device (solarspot). Captures the sunlight from the outside through a highly transparent dome, usually installed over a flashing applied on the roof. It is equipped with an optical device that redirects the…
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The thermal and acoustic brick differs from the traditional one on its geometry and insulation features. Placed vertically, through a join system, it allows an application which promotes thermal and acoustic comfort in buildings. This…
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In a double-brick wall, and when there is no possibility of filling the void, the insulation should always be placed on the outer side, in order to coat the entire building and prevent thermal bridges. When…
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Natural insulation is the ideal choice, as it is from renewable origin and has great potential for reuse and/or recycling. The interior wall solution presented consists of a light partition made of laminated plaster…
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When the placement of the insulation is not possible on the outside. In older walls, in which the facade cannot be altered, the appropriate product is GYPCORK. GYPCORK combines insulation and finish coat in…
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When the hip roof is inhabited, the insulation must be laid immediately after the tiles support, in some cases it may also be important to install another insulating layer on the lower side…
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When the hip roof is inhabited, the insulation must be laid immediately after the tiles support, in some cases it may also be important to install another insulating layer on the lower side…
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Contrary to popular belief, green roofs are a highly protective element of waterproofing. If well executed, it is a huge asset to the built environment. The thickness of the substrate,…
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Whenever wood covering is applied, that must come from sustainable forests, certified by credible entities. Placing expanded cork agglomerate insulation on the slab between floors improves both thermal and acoustic comfort. For illumination purposes,…
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