UMBELINO MONTEIRO believes in the ecological effort as a management tool, profitability and vital part of the productive process and the competitive excellence of the company. Thus, ceramic tiles are produced through a careful selection and eco-efficient management of clays and a sophisticated production process that offers rigour, resistance, guarantee, profitability and a wide choice of colours, finishes and styles, providing the perfect solution in terms of renovation. In this sense appears the Advance Premium range, including the Advance Premium Lusa and Advance Premium Marseille models.


Manufactured with the best raw materials, in which the stoneware paste and the use of plaster molds are highlighted, Advance Premium Lusa and Advance Premium Marseille tiles are reference products that ensure excellent levels of strength and durability.

The Advance Premium range is comprised of a wide range of accessories and components with the objective of giving the roof a good performance and final aesthetics.


Advance Premium tiles, due to their clear functional and aesthetic advantages, are ideal for roofs where weather conditions are more unfavourable and for those who wish to invest in a durable solution.




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