Amorim WISE combines sustainability and avant-garde design to offer ecological floors with unique looks that adapt to any style. With products with a negative carbon balance, Amorim WISE flooring and wall coverings aim to offer a sustainable solution, free from PVC. All Amorim WISE flooring solutions have cork incorporated into their multi-layer structure, which provides a superior feeling of comfort and thermal and acoustic insulation in any interior space. Amorim WISE cork-based floors also ensure better indoor air quality, ensuring that there are no harmful chemicals present in the products, making them a safe choice for any residential or commercial project.


Dekwall is a line of wall coverings prepared for practical living, for your home and office. The natural properties of cork make it an excellent sound insulator, reducing sound transmission within and between rooms, creating quieter and more peaceful spaces. Furthermore, the unique thermal insulation characteristics of cork ensure a more welcoming and comfortable environment with reduced energy costs. They are available with cork looks, either natural or painted.


This product line has a glued application, available in a wax or varnish finish.

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