The base material of BOAVISTA frames is silica (sand), an abundant resource with simple extraction that is “environmentally friendly”. This means that, since its origin, fiberglass has a reduced ecological footprint. If we add to this a production process – pultrusion – with low energy consumption and high durability, we obtain a product that, throughout its life cycle, produces a reduced environmental impact on our ecosystem. In addition to these data, we have the excellent performance of BOAVISTA frames systems with thermal transmission values starting at 0.74 W/m2 K, which contributes to a thermally efficient construction.


The BWS35 system allows the manufacture of simple sash windows and doors. With a fixed upper sash, it uses a practical operating system that combines lifting as well as tilting of the lower sash. This tilting action ensures an easy cleaning of the outer side. The BWS35 system is made of fiberglass pultruded profiles and can be painted in any color. With excellent performances, it achieves Uw values from 1.23 W/m2 K, reaching air permeability class 3.


BWS35 frames make it possible to manufacture elegant sash windows. Given the characteristics of the material they are made of, they can be used in demanding applications, such as construction by the sea, in aggressive and polluted environments or in areas of extreme temperatures. They are highly resistant to corrosion and are perfect for rehabilitation projects.










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