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Diathonite Acoustix+

Empresa: Diasen


Cork-based ecological plaster, sound-absorbent, breathable for maximum acoustic and thermal comfort.

It is pre-mixed for acoustic insulation and the creation of sound absorbing wall and ceiling coverings. Diathonite Acoustix+, formulated with natural raw materials such as cork, clay, diatomaceous earth and lime, is recyclable as an aggregate at the end of its life. Thanks to its improved sound absorption capacity, it eliminates reverberation and reduces reflection noise. Diathonite Acoustix has high breathability, good thermal insulation and dehumidification characteristics and excellent fire resistance (class A1). Its porosity and natural hydraulic lime make it bacteriostatic and mould-proof. The raw materials that make this formulation special have one thing in common: their natural origin.


Cork-based ecological plaster for acoustic well-being.

  • Excellent soundproofing properties: NRC 0.75.;
  • Excellent resistance to compression;
  • Class A1 fire reaction;
  • Thanks to its high breathability, it prevents mould and condensation;
  • Very quick application system (plastering machine);
  • Easily applicable even on curved surfaces and complex geometries
  • Applicable on old renders;


Indoor and outdoor application. Suitable for the creation of sound-absorbing coatings on walls and ceilings of cinemas, auditoriums, congress halls, churches, sports structures, technical areas, and all places where there is noise.

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