Stone is one of the most abundant raw materials on the planet. However, in order to make better use of our planet’s resources, ROCKWOOL has developed a technology that makes it possible to use waste from other industries as an alternative raw material.

What’s more, stone wool is recyclable and long-lasting and can be easily removed when a building is renovated or demolished and recycled to produce new products. In fact, rock wool can be recycled over and over again into new rock wool. Rockwool products thus make it possible to comply with the circular economy in the construction sector.


  • The best cost-efficiency ratio for low-maintenance roofs
  • The density of the upper face with greater hardness gives the panel high resistance to stepping
  • Great improvement in the acoustic insulation of the construction solution.
  • Great acoustic absorption capacity in perforated metal sheets.
  • Excellent support for finishing with synthetic blades.
  • Thermal and dimensional stability.


Quick and easy installation, only requires 1 fixing. High thermal and acoustic insulation performance in lightweight, low-maintenance metal roofs. Support for bituminous and synthetic sheets.

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