Categoria: Facade cladding, Insulation

Fassatherm PLUS



The insulation that integrates this system comes from a natural material which exists in abundance on the planet, stone. A small stone is capable of producing an enormous amount of insulation, through the melting and shredding of this material. Furthermore, it has enormous durability, low maintenance and can be recycled indefinitely.


This system with insulation plates produced by the melting and shredding of stone materials, is characterized by excellent thermal and acoustic insulation and fire protection performances. The excellent breathability and density of this insulation improve the building’s energy performance, both in winter and in summer. It is quite easy to apply and is available up to a thickness of 24 cm.


Para revestimento e isolamento, pelo lado exterior do edifício. Salienta-se que o sistema RIVESTO PLUS, tem a vantagem de receber qualquer tipo de acabamento, como pedra ou um material cerâmico.



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