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Empresa: KNAUF


The Diamant board is made from a special composition of plaster and fiberglass, which gives it extraordinary physical characteristics regarding hardness, moisture resistance, sound insulation, load support, fire resistance and flexibility. The DIAMANT board is one of the star products within the Knauf range of solutions as it brings together a series of certifications at European level that make it unique.


Composed of a plaster core mixed with fiberglass and faces coated with cardboard laminate. Easily identifiable by its visible light blue colour, the Knauf Diamant board is characterized by integrating the qualities of the Knauf Acustik, Fireproof, Impregnated, and High Hardness boards, into one.


Both the magnificent technical features of the Diamant board, as well as its great versatility, make it ideal for areas of great affluence, where the walls can be hit, areas of medium humidity and projects where sound insulation is considered: schools and other educational centres, hotels, hospitals, health centres and clinics, offices, residential projects, shopping centres.

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