LEÐLUX is a company solely focused on LED technology lighting solutions and is proud to contribute to a more environmentally friendly planet. LEÐ offers high energy efficiency, with reduced energy consumption, and brings visual comfort to your day-to-day. Combining creativity with differentiation, LEÐLUX creates LED technology lighting solutions with reduction of maintenance costs and that ensure a long lifespan. The return on initial investment occurs within the first year and in the most complex cases it can go up to 24 months.


LEÐ can be described as the third stage in the evolution of the light bulb. LEÐ (Light Emitting Diode) is a semiconductor electronic component that emits light when subjected to electrical current. The light generated results from an electronic effect on the semiconductor and not from the heating of filaments (halogen lamp) or by a gas discharge (fluorescent lamp). LEÐ reduces the greenhouse effect by not emitting ultraviolet or infrared radiation, nor does it use mercury, all of which are materials that are typically harmful to the environment.


LEÐLUX creates LED technology lighting solutions with a wide range of applications: homes, offices, shops, restaurants, hotels, public buildings, gardens, garages and parking lots, billboards, etc. LEÐ can be used in outdoor or indoor lighting, in ambient, decorative or professional lighting, creating distinct and unique ambiances.



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