Categoria: Energy efficiency


Empresa: Legrand


EcoBatibox recessed boxes are especially suitable for combating energy waste caused by air renewal, allowing the energy rating of buildings to be improved.

Just like door frames or window frames, for example, the electrical point can also be involved in the fight against air infiltration. EcoBatibox recessed boxes can save up to 15 kWhep/m2 per year (depending on the building typology).


Equipped with a reinforced wide collar, flexible membranes that ensure perfect air tightness, and screw fixing with folding claws, EcoBatibox recessed boxes guarantee perfect integration into the wall.

Large wiring volume. Practical and fast opening of the entrances, without tools, by simply pulling the pre-cuts.


To improve the energy performance of buildings, EcoBatiboxes help suppress air flows generated by the electrical infrastructure of a given installation (e.g. electrical panel, recessed boxes, pipes positioned in cold areas, …).

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