LivingHomes C6

Affordable, Sustainable and Prefabricated.

Type of construction: Prefabricated

Gross building area: 120,0 m²

Architecture and expertise:  LivingHomes | house prefabrication company

C6 is the first affordable and sustainable prefabricated house by LivingHomes, designed in collaboration with Make It Right, a nonprofit organization founded to build new houses in the most damaged part of New Orleans after the Katrina hurricane.

The LivingHome C6 was inspired by a tradition of patio houses. It embodies an indoor/outdoor lifestyle, extending the house beyond its interior space. C6s can be configured as one or two story designs and floorplans are optimized for urban locations and tight lots. The house is capable of being fully constructed in less than two months and assembled on-site in one day.

A diversity of windows and light tubes flood the interior with natural light. Energy efficient lighting and appliances and a smart heating / AC control system reduces energy usage and the appropriate insulation, ventilation and shading reduce heating / cooling needs, while photovoltaic cells accounts for energy needs. Other benefits include low flow water fixtures, a grey water ready system, no VOC paint, formaldehyde-free millwork and real time feedback on energy usage. Some building materials, such as the decking, windows, kitchen and bathroom counters, use recycled content.

Natural materials such as cork floors, wood ceiling, natural wood millwork make the house interiors more comfortable.

The C6 have minimum indoor air pollution and uses far less energy, water and material resources than typical homes – minimum ecological footprint. An environmental monitoring system provides real-time feedback on energy use.



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