Lógica tiles are manufactured through a rigorous process, both in the selection of clays and in the management of energy resources. This brand usually uses studies and has implemented energy reduction and reuse processes, with the aim of reducing consumption and thus promoting the reduction of CO2 emissions. The factory where Lógica tiles are produced also has an advanced quality control throughout the process, in order to substantially reduce the waste that comes from it.


Lógica range consists of three tile models (Plana, Marselha and Lusa), manufactured with high technology and an innovative design. They are pressed in plaster molds and submitted to high temperatures in individual cassettes, thus achieving greater resistance, flatness and a minimum absorption rate. They have a 50-year warranty.


Lógica tiles can be applied to any type of building, from the most traditional to the most avant-garde. Its different profiles and colors allow a perfect architectural and landscape setting, both in rehabilitation or new construction.

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