MDFACHADA special expanded cork agglomerate, a 100% natural material without additives and environmental impacts in its production, is recommended for outdoor applications. Its reference work is its application on the main façade of the Portuguese pavilion at Expo 2000 in Hannover and since 2002 in Coimbra, without any apparent anomaly. There are many other references in Portugal and abroad. This track record allows us to ensure that its durability, when exposed, is over 10 years, as in other applications there is material without loss of characteristics over 50 years.


Excellent thermal, acoustic and anti- vibration characteristics. Virtually unlimited durability without loss of features. Density of about 130 kg/m3and Euroclass E fire reaction. It is a fully recyclable and reusable material.


Suitable for exterior application, such as facade cladding, and also for interior uses. Depending on the structural element, it must be mechanically fixed (screw) or glued.




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