Categoria: Filling material, Horizontal roofs, Insulation

Insulation and Light Filling

Empresa: NEXCLAY


Nexclay expanded clay is a lightweight, spherical aggregate with an internal structure formed by a microporous ceramic foam and a rigid, resistant surface. NEXCLAY is a natural, ecological, durable, non-combustible and inert product that does not decompose or rot. Its durability allows it to be reused or recycled in countless applications in the construction of buildings and roads, in water treatment and also in agriculture and landscaping.


Due to its internal porosity, aggregate has important thermal and acoustic insulation properties. Its use also makes it possible to reduce the overload on structures and contributes to significant savings in materials.


The Nexclay lightweight filling solution is used in multiple applications. In the drainage and insulation of first floors and structures, in the insulation and regularization of slabs, and in the forming and insulation layer of flat roofs.