PACi Elite

PACi Elite


Exceptional performance at low temperatures, high energy efficiency and energy consumption displayed on the remote control. Energy-saving design. The use of an energy-saving design in the structure and motors of the fans, compressors and heat exchangers has resulted in a COP value classified as one of the best on the market. CO2 emissions through reduced energy consumption and lower running costs.


High operating efficiency through the use of a DC inverter compressor, a DC motor and a heat exchanger design. Cooling mode is possible with an outside temperature of between -15 °C and 46 °C. . Heating mode is possible when the outside temperature reaches -20 °C. The remote control temperature setting offers a range of 18 °C to 30 °C.


The small, lightweight design means that the PACi outdoor unit can be installed in countless compact situations. Since the unit only weighs 98 kg, it is easy to transport and easy to install.

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