Categoria: Saving, treatment and reuse of water

Ecoflo Biofilter

Empresa: Premier Tech


Ecoflo technology, developed by Premier Tech, is the most eco-responsible solution for wastewater treatment because it has the lowest carbon footprint on the market. Its innovative patented technology consists of a natural biofilter based on coconut shell fragments and does not require an electrical power supply as it does not have any electromechanical components to carry out the treatment.


When the wastewater enters the Ecoflo biofilter, the tipper spreads the effluent over the distribution plates so that, via a gravity feed system and without the need for an energy supply, it infiltrates the natural environment for subsequent treatment. This is where aerobic degradation takes place, the filtration of small suspended solids and most of the system’s treatment.


Main or secondary residences
Apartment buildings
Camping sites and nature parks
Office buildings
Small settlements
Mountain refuges

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