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Drip tube XFS

Empresa: Rain Bird


Rain Bird’s XFS-CV drip line offers better uniformity and helps prevent excessive use of water at the lowest point of the area to be watered, avoiding destruction of the structure and water leaks from the drip line. With a pure copper chip inside each emitter, the XFS-CV drip line also offers protection against root intrusion that could compromise irrigation efficiency.
All Rain Bird XF drip tubes (XFD, XFS, XFCV, XFS-CV) qualify for LEED 4.2 credits because they contain at least 20% polyethylene from post-consumer recycled material per cost.


Rain Bird’s patent-pending 4.3 bar control valve technology keeps the drip line charged with water at all times, increasing irrigation uniformity and saving water by eliminating the need to refill the line at the beginning of each irrigation cycle;
XFS-CV subsurface drip tubing emitters are protected against root intrusion by Rain Bird’s patent-pending Copper Shield™ technology, resulting in a system with no need for maintenance or replacement of chemicals that prevent root intrusion;
Rain Bird’s low-profile emitter design reduces in-line pressure loss, which allows for longer lateral lines, simplifying design and reducing installation time;
The variety of standard emitter flow rates, emitter spacing and coil lengths offer flexibility in creating designs for in-ground and above-ground areas with or without elevation changes;
Through the use of a proprietary material, the XFS-CV drip line with heavy-duty regulating valve is the most flexible drip line in the industry, making it the easiest drip line to design and install.


The pressure-compensated emitter design provides a constant flow over the entire lateral length, ensuring greater uniformity for greater reliability in the pressure range of 20 to 60 psi;
Double-layer tubing (copper over black) provides unparalleled resistance to chemicals, algae growth and UV damage;
Rain Bird’s unique emitter design resists clogging through the use of an extra-wide space for self-washing flow.

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