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Rewatec rainwater recuperators

Empresa: Rain Bird


Recovered rainwater can be used for toilets, washing machines, cleaning floors, watering the garden and washing floors and vehicles. This means that the reduction in drinking water consumption in a house can be between 40-50 %, while in a commercial building it can be up to 70 %.


Rainwater is collected by gutters (sloping roofs) or by a drain (flat roofs) and reaches a self-cleaning filter integrated into the tank that prevents leaves, insects and other solids from entering the system. The filtered water is stored in an underground tank.
We manufacture robust flat tanks that can be installed in a wide variety of situations.
The water inlet to the tanks includes an anti-turbulence system to prevent the movement of any solids that might settle to the bottom of the tank. The solutions integrate an automatic submersible pump specially designed to provide optimum pressure in the system.
In addition, we offer an easy-to-install kit (ATN) that automatically supplies mains water to the system if necessary.


Main applications:
• Single-family homes.
• Residential buildings.
• Commercial or office buildings.
• Environmental projects.
• Public gardens.
• Industrial buildings.
• Fire-fighting systems.

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