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Empresa: Rockwool


Every Rockpanel is made of compressed mineral wool derived from basalt (a volcanic rock that constitutes one of the most abundant raw materials on the planet), combined with a small amount of organic binder. The result is a unique panel that combines the strength and durability of the stone with the malleability of the wood.

Rock wool is recyclable and durable, and can be easily removed when a building is renovated or demolished, being recycled to produce new products. In fact, rock wool can be recycled again and again into new rock wool. Rockwool products thus allow to fulfill the circular economy in the construction sector.


Rockpanels are designed to finish any façade and roof, whether they are intended to leave a lasting legacy or whether they are looking at time and cost management. We have an extensive range of versatile, high quality, easy to install and low maintenance products that are the right choice today and in the future.


Each panel has its own aesthetic characteristics and is perfect for exterior cladding, contours and coverings or for special details such as ceilings, doorways or fills.



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