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STEICOflex – ecological insulation

Empresa: STEICO


Extruplás profiles, made from 100% recycled plastic, are an excellent option when the solution requires sustainability and durability. It is an environmentally friendly, economical product and a durable alternative compared to alternative solutions available on the market.


Combining low installation costs with no maintenance, 100% recycled plastic profiles and related items made from them offer a significantly longer life cycle than that of common steel or wood. Resistant to corrosion and vandalism, does not rot and is immutable. It is lighter than steel, approximately 1/3 of its weight. It is insulating and insensitive to water, humidity and chemical agents. Robustness. Maintenance-free, easy to wash and disinfect. Non-slip. Inaccessible to parasites and fungi. Resistant to shocks, breaks and abrasion. Low installation costs. Low initial investment / useful life. It can be sawed, machined, nailed, screwed and painted.


Extruplás produces different types of profiles, such as: square, rectangular, circular, triangular, with half-moon sections and in various scales. Available in 4 different colors: black, blue, brown and green.


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