TERMOLAN stone wool is a thermal, acoustic and non-combustible insulator, which results from a process of physical transformation of basalt at high temperatures, as well as the consequent centrifugation process of the molten mass, generating mineral fibers. It is, therefore, a natural, inorganic and mineral product with a very positive echo balance, which provides environmental advantages that far outweigh the negative effects on the environment. As such, and the preservation of the environment being one of TERMOLAN’s great premises, we provide sustainable products for the most varied insulation solutions, in favor of a “better tomorrow”.


Easy and speed of installation. Easy adaptation to structural elements. Excellent thermal insulation performance. Excellent acoustic insulation performance. Fire safety. Dimensional stability. Very good performance against water. Inert and environmentally friendly product (free of CFC and HCFC).


As thermal and acoustic insulation, this wool improves the quality, safety and comfort of buildings in roofs, floors, false ceilings, partitions, interior and / or exterior walls, among others. It is also indicated for the thermal insulation of air conditioning ducts (AVAC), heat recovery units, fireplaces, among others, and it allows to acoustically isolate and protect these solutions against fire. Since it is incombustible, the product is ideal to be integrated into passive fire protection solutions, avoiding the formation and transmission of fire through isolation and protecting isolated areas against fire.



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