Ultracoustic Plus is a hybrid with water-repellent properties, ideal for application inside the facade, produced with ECOSE technology and classified as an incombustible product. This product exceeds legal performance requirements, is recognized with the Eurofins Gold certificate and contributes credits to environmental seals, promoting sustainability and efficiency in the construction of “green” buildings.


The Ultracoustic Plus range has two distinct solutions: Ultracoustic Plus P and Ultracoustic Plus R, with a compact thermo-acoustic panel and roll format. They are ideal solutions to isolate from the inside, efficient in logistics optimization, easy to install and pleasant to the touch.


These solutions are indicated for applications in wall systems, with predominance in walls with metallic structures. Ultracoustic Plus P is ideal for applications in interior partitions, in particular for the interior of the facade, and Ultracoustic Plus R in direct or indirect coating.

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