Result of continuous research and permanent search for technical solutions that promote the improvement of the quality of life and the reduction of the environmental impact, the UM-Renovar solution presents itself as an easy, complete and integrated solution for the renovation of roofs, supported by the experience obtained in more than 50 years of activity that made UMBELINO MONTEIRO (UM) a leader in the development of solutions for roof renovation.

The UM-Renovar solution is the result of the continuous improvement of UM products and of a special concern in increasing their compatibility with each other, in order to ensure that, when used together, they result in a durable, functional and reliable construction solution.


The UM-Renovar solution results from the combination of three products with the UM signature: ceramic tiles and respective accessories, UM fibrocement sheets (sub-tile) and Solésia photovoltaic solar tiles. It is, therefore, an Integrated System that allows to obtain a more efficient and environmentally responsible roof.


The structured combination and the reliability, in terms of compatibility of the different components, of the UM-Renovar solution make it the complete and integrated answer for the renovation of roofs that, associated with an adequate construction, constitutes a source of value and well-being for any home.




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