Among the solutions for façades currently on the market, the ventilated façade is the one with the greatest energy efficiency and acoustic comfort when incorporating mineral wool as insulation. The Ultravent range, used in this ventilated façade system, is non-combustible and water repellent. It is produced with ECOSE® technology, resins without formaldehydes or phenols, which respect the environment, with a low emission of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) and thermal properties that cannot be changed over time.


The ventilated façade system from Knauf Insulation is composed of mineral wool from the Ultravent range, applied from the outside of the wall, with a black veil or fabric on one side, which guarantees excellent thermal and acoustic performance. In this same wall a structure is applied that allows to create thickness between the insulating wool and the finish, thus creating an air chamber that avoids thermal bridges and condensation of water vapor, in addition to the acoustic advantages.


On façades (applied over brick or concrete walls).




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