WFH House

Not just recycling, it’s upcycling!

Location: Wuxi, China

Type of construction: Modular

Gross building area:  180,0 m²

Architecture and expertise:  Arcgency | architecture office

The WFH house is based on a patented modular concept consisting on the reuse of containers for structural frame. The structure can be adapted to local weather or seismic conditions. Building-components are pre-fabricated, reducing building time and in situ construction. Such design allows high-quality industrial production, distribution and deployment.

This is a sustainable building at a competitive cost, energy efficient, built with ecological materials and liable to be disassembled for recycling or relocation.

The WFH design is based on Nordic values such as: flexibility, durability, different types of light, non-toxic materials, reuse, recycling, disassembling strategies and interaction with nature.

One can customize the house layout, size, facade and interior. The structure can meet different purposes such as single family houses, multi-storey, or townhouses.

The house is developed around a core – the FLEX space – the common area, with double high enabling natural lighting and the access to the bedrooms in the upper floor. The FLEX space can be completely opened outdoors, as the proximity to nature is an essential part of the project.

The FLEX space is defined by parallel module sets that allow different configurations. It connects to all spaces, eliminating circulation areas. A technical module holds the areas which require connection to the water and sewage system.

This design incorporates photovoltaic panels and energy-efficient equipment. The roof garden has been optimized for the collection of rainwater.

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