TERMOLAN, a pioneering company in thermo-acoustic insulation in Portugal, is a manufacturer of rock wool for thermal, acoustic and fire protection insulation, presenting a range of products that improve the safety of buildings, favoring the comfort and convenience of end consumer and, simultaneously, reduce the impact on the environment, increasing the economic and environmental sustainability of a project.

Aware of the environmental concerns of today’s society and the need for environmental protection and pollution prevention actions, TERMOLAN has several measures in place with the aim of rationalizing the use of resources and avoiding or minimizing potential environmental impacts resulting from its activity.

With an internationally recognized brand, TERMOLAN rock wool products are natural, inorganic, mineral and sustainable, and are manufactured according to previously defined quality standards taking into account the specificity of their use. The eco-balance of the products is also very positive, as demonstrated in the Environmental Product Declaration (DAP).

The high standards of TERMOLAN stone wool products therefore guarantee all architectural, engineering, functionality and well-being requirements, regardless of the degree of complexity of the solution, in favor of thermal and acoustic comfort, in favor of safety against fires, in favor of “a better tomorrow.






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