Categoria: Interior wall coverings


Empresa: Granorte


Since 1972 that Granorte has been dedicated to recycling cork, adding value to the waste and by-products of the natural cork stopper industry. The 3D FORMS wall cladding modules are composed of approximately 95% of natural cork grains, obtained by grinding and granulating this sustainable raw material. The binding agent is a non-toxic, formaldehyde-free polymer described on the FDA’s list of materials that can be used in contact with food. It does not contain PVC, plasticizers or other substances hazardous to health or the environment.


The 3D FORMS modules are 95% natural cork, molded by CNC and finished with a water-based protector. Being modular, they can be combined in various arrangements to create unique three-dimensional patterns that add depth to vertical surfaces, defining the identity of the space. Inspired by the traditional tiles and wooden panels of the 50’s and 60’s, the 3D FORMS modules project an impressive rhythmic pattern across the wall.


Offering an apparently infinite amount of creative possibilities, 3D FORMS provides the designer with a unique texture like wall coverings and the acoustic and thermal properties intrinsic to cork contribute to the acoustic and thermal performance of buildings, improving environmental comfort and reducing energy costs.




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