Categoria: Interior wall coverings


Empresa: Granorte


BEBOP cork flooring is produced from a by-product of the manufacture of expanded cork insulation panels (black cork). During the production of the expanded agglomerate panels, the waste and residues are recycled (crushed), giving rise to a re-granulate of black cork. Granorte uses this cork for the production of BEBOP, giving the wall covering a natural aesthetic and its distinctive black appearance. With a composition of around 92% recycled expanded cork and finished with Corkguard® water-based protectant, BEBOP wallcovering is a good example of a sustainable product.


Made from expanded cork, BEBOP flooring has a naturally dark and deep tone. The panels, which are glued directly to the wall, come in different sizes (900×300 and 900×150 mm) and thicknesses (3, 6 and 9 mm) to create a 3D geometric pattern on the wall. As well as ensuring high thermal and acoustic insulation, they are easy to install, clean and maintain.


Designed by interior designer Marco Carini, BEBOP is a cork covering capable of creating simple, natural and sustainable 3D geometric patterns for high-impact interior walls in residential or commercial environments.

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