Categoria: Interior wall coverings


Empresa: Granorte


DECODALLE is a wall covering made from natural cork, taking advantage of various types of by-products from the cork industry and forest, with a wide variety of classic textures for a powerful aesthetic result. The status of cork as a natural and renewable material, the main reason for choosing cork, is valued and preserved in DECODALLE. With over 90% natural cork in its composition and no use of substances hazardous to health or the environment, DECODALLE flooring has the sustainable credentials to match its natural origins.


DECODALLE is a coating with impressive characteristics in every respect. With Greenguard Gold and A+ certification for indoor air quality, free of plasticizers, formaldehyde or PVC, and good noise absorption and thermal resistance values, DECODALLE allows you to design interiors with a natural, comfortable and healthy aesthetic. DECODALLE is available in a wide variety of looks in 600x300x3 mm format, with a wax finish that guarantees long-lasting natural beauty.


DECODALLE tiles are glued directly to residential or commercial walls, and their traditional organic cork texture makes for interiors that are not only beautiful and different, but also comfortable and elegant.

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