Categoria: Interior wall coverings


Empresa: Granorte


MAT is a textured cork wall covering with a strong connection to nature. Produced from defective corks, a waste product resulting from the manufacture of natural cork stoppers, it takes advantage of its unique natural aesthetic and explores the textural and visual language of cork to bring a natural, exclusive finish to interiors in every way. Using only post-industrial recycled cork and produced in an environmentally responsible way, MAT is a truly sustainable product with an extremely low environmental impact, which can play an important role in eco-architecture and the adoption of circular economy principles.


Developed by the Granorte Design Center, MAT explores the natural texture of cork, turning it into a pictorial support for the wall. Its pure, minimalist design in six neutral tones and its relationship with the raw material allow for the creation of totally natural murals with contemporary and architectural textures. With a lightweight construction, MAT boards measure 900x300x4 mm and their 100% cork composition retains all the benefits of cork, providing a comfortable finish that feels great to the touch, insulates against heat loss and absorbs noise.


MAT cladding can be glued to any vertical or horizontal surface in both residential and commercial interiors. Its ability to coordinate, due to its chromatic neutrality and the sophistication of the dermis, expresses and creates a new identity of space, natural and pure.

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